Jesus Fresco Meme

An 80-year old woman named Cecilia Giménez of spanish city of Borja tried to restore Elias Garcia Martinez’ Jesus Fresco.

… and a little something went wrong. REALLY wrong :)

And, because this is the internet, there’s already a meme of it. Here are the pictures :)

ladypopular1_21032012 Image Banner 750 x 300

jesus fresco spain painting

jesus meme bob ross fresco fresko

fresco meme

mona lisa meme jesus fresco

zoidberg meme jesus fresco

kill your idols tshirt fresco memes

jesus on toast bread

jesus fresco last supper meme

fresco meme lord of the rings jesus

jesus son of god meme fresco fresko

funny jesus fresco lion king rafiki

kate winslet nude naked fresco

funny fesus fresco matrix photoshop neo morpheus

viva la restauracion jesus fresco che gevara

jesus painting meme eat lawsuit church fresco

Update: There’s a YouTube-Video of NBC news including an interview with Cecilia Giménez, the restorer of the ecce homo painting herself. See for yourself.

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